Yesterday we noted that the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers will next week auction off a book inscribed by Attorney-General George Brandis, addressed to former governor-general Sir John Kerr. The note reads “To Sir John Kerr with warmest regards, Thomas Harley, George Brandis” and is dated “4:V:1985”.


The Labor Lawyers Society wasn’t giving away the name of the book in its email to members, writing that they would have to turn up to the five-year anniversary dinner to find out. Crikey doesn’t need a dinner, just our own reliable sleuths to work it out. We’ve received two suggestions of what the book could be — one is Liberals Face the Future : essays on Australian liberalism which is edited by George Brandis, Tom Harley and Don Markwell, and the other is Australian Liberalism : the continuing vision, edited by Yvonne Thompson, George Brandis and Tom Harley. Ms Tips guesses it is more likely to be Liberals Face the Future, as it was published in 1984. Australian Liberalism: the continuing vision was published in 1986, and the note is from 1985.