Rowdy uni students were thrown out of the University of Sydney’s Manning Bar yesterday afternoon after shouting endorsements for some of Trump’s more distasteful statements (“Grab them by the pussy, that’s how we do it”, as well as anti-Muslim chants) as the results started showing the Republican’s surge.

But Crikey‘s spy at the gathering tells Ms Tips it was all a bit of a storm in a teacup. She was there attending the University’s United States Study Centre’s private party, co-hosted with CNN, in a roped-off part of the room and reckons the trouble all started when some of the students in the public area of the bar, there for a Sydney Uni Politics society event with a largely pro-Clinton crowd, realised the cameras were rolling. “Every time the camera came on them, they’d act up, and then when the camera went away, they’d shut up again. They were quite polite when the cameras were off, talking about their law courses and all that.” After a bit of media attention, the university had security throw them out and issued a statement about “inappropriate behaviour”. Aside from the uproar over the ejected students, the party wasn’t much fun. “Everyone was so despondent they could hardly speak.”

Another party that fizzed, according to a tipster, was one held for Mamamia readers. We are told the party was hoping and expecting to be a victory party for Hillary Clinton but it quickly turned sour when it was realised that wouldn’t be the case. Mia Freedman has been a vocal supporter of Clinton’s, and we hear that all the speeches and content that had been prepared for victory couldn’t be used. “Everyone had a few drinks and commiserated,” we are told.

Not far from Sydney Uni at the Rugby Club just off Pitt Street, another gathering had a decidedly more festive atmosphere. A rag-tag group of political has-beens (Mark Latham, Bronwyn Bishop, Ross Cameron) and punters, gathered by Cameron at the Trump’s Aussie Mates party, got steadily rowdier. Cries of “Trump, Trump, Trump!” and “Lock her up!” made their now-customary appearances. Attendees seemed to be competing about who could say the crudest thing to show the journalists present the Trump spirit.

Meanwhile at Australia’s US consulates, it was tight security and a cautious mood as everyone settled in to watch. In Canberra, everyone wore a suit. Well before the result was known, but when it was clear Trump was pulling away, the embassy events being held in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Western Australia announced the results of their own mock polls of attendees. It was a landslide for Hillary, with more than 80% of attendees choosing Clinton. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US Consulate in Melbourne, in Greens MP Adam Bandt’s electorate, had the largest margin for Clinton. It also had the most write-ins for Bernie Sanders.