On 18C

Les Heimann writes: Re. “The 18C hypocrites wilfully ignore other threats to free speech and the actual public” (yesterday). Once more the bigots clamour for their rights.

Amongst all the fluff and curry surrounding this so called demand for free speech no one has actually made out a case that is OK to racially vilify or to incite hatred and such like behaviour.

See how power works in this country.

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The best we get is that in a free country freedom to say anything is a bedrock necessity.

Tell that to victims of the holocaust and repeat that to so many peoples, races, religious followers who, in their millions, have been and are persecuted; and all of it started with words.

This is all shameful politics used as a front by narrow minded and shrill bigots who either want desperately to shout keep Australia white and Christian or want to wedge their leader tighter and tighter into abject servitude.

I was acutely embarrassed for our PM on the ABC this morning attempting to justify the most recent proposal relating to keeping refugees away from our fair land.

The 18C argument, the refugee blather and who knows what else are all designed by these bigots, not for the good of Australia, not because any of it makes sense but for two reasons: to feed their sense of power and to mete out further humiliation to their enslaved leader.

If Malcolm Turnbull had any guts he would turn on this swill now and dare them to sack him.

On Bernardi

Eric Kennely writes: Re. “Cory Bernardi making hats great again” (yesterday). I congratulate Senator Bernardi on taking his first steps to “Make Australia Great Again”. Now all he has to do is stay in America!

See how power works in this country.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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