A press release on One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts' Facebook page on Sunday evening foretold of a "Major Pauline Hanon's (sic) One Nation Party" announcement coming at 9am on Monday. In one release, he managed to misspell the name of his leader and his party four times.

Roberts had promised an appearance by "the world's most eminent climatologists", and he appeared with two of the more well-known American sceptics, Tim Ball and Tony Heller. The latter goes by the pseudonym Steve Goddard and has signed up to the Obama birther conspiracy theory. His blogs about NASA faking data on climate change have been criticised even by fellow climate change sceptics. The former is a retired professor of geology who claims to have been one of the first climatology PhDs in the world, despite suggestions that his university did not have an office of climatology. Taxpayers did not pick up the bill for their visit, Roberts said, with one paying for his own way and Roberts paying for the other.