As we approach the final days of the US election campaign, insider website Politico has published a list of the 16 breakout media stars of 2016, and sitting at No. 7 is an Australian — former Fairfax journo Jonathan Swan. Swan, the son of Radio National’s Dr Norman Swan, was a respected Canberra reporter before he relocated to the States. He won the Wallace Brown Young Achiever Award for Press Gallery Journalism in 2014, before going to America for a year-long political fellowship later that year. He joined The Hill last year, and according to Politico, he’s made a big impression in DC:

“Jonathan Swan – The Hill – The Aussie with bipartisan praise
One of the few reporters officials from both Republican and Democratic sides cited as their picks for ‘breakout star,’ Swan’s also the only one on this list with a cool accent. A well known politics reporter in his native Australia, Swan has rattled both Republicans and Democrats with stories such as the one about the Trump campaign illegally soliciting foreign donations. He’s also had plenty of scoops from inside Cruz’s inner circle and about internal machinations of Breitbart’s war on Paul Ryan.”