The real Cup

Geoff Perston writes: Re. “Forget the Cup, this is the race that stops the bush” (yesterday). Thank you a thousand times over Crikey for posting this story. In these days of Hansonian and Naruan despondency, and the puke-inducing, hedonistic preening and partying of the Melbourne Cup, it shone a light on what an unaffected Aussie society should be all about. And the delightful images of these blokes actually brought a lump to my 70-year-old throat. Thanks again.

Kenny’s no coward

Sky News host and discussion moderator Jim Middleton writes: Re. Kenny v Bacon, in the flesh (Monday). In her otherwise excellent account of the Nauru discussion at the New News conference Myriam Robin makes one questionable assertion about Chris Kenny making a “speedy escape”. Chris fronted up in good faith to describe his experience on Nauru and to support his position. He engaged with members of the audience at the end of the event and only left because he was on deadline and had to catch a plane to Adelaide for a family event. He is not one who steps away engagement in the hurly burley of pluralist democracy.

Turnbull should quit the Libs

Peter Kemp writes: Re. “Turnbull flogging a dead horse on refugee issue” (yesterday). What does Malcolm Turnbull get from his exalted position in return for the millstones around his neck? “Glory” or “money” — surely he has no need of these. Perhaps he thinks to curb the excesses of some of his colleagues and do some good! Maybe he wants a positive place in history but there is no hope in his current trajectory! Some don’t want him because he he does not support their excesses, others don’t want him because he cant control the wacko’s – he is only there because he brushes up tolerably well and Tony was/is not electable. Perhaps he could force real progress on his party by threatening to resign and sit as an independent who might just vote with the opposition. He would certainly get his place in history.

Royally screwed

John Richardson writes: Re. “What did the Queen know about the Dismissal? Time to release the Palace letters” (yesterday). How can the Queen of Australia enjoy the loyalty and support of the Australian people after conniving with the greatest scoundrel this country has produced to overthrow our democratically elected government, before conspiring to keep her great crime a secret?

It would seem that the reason our democracy has evolved as such a weak and fragile thing has less to do with the shallow and dishonest breed of political spivs who crowd our nation’s stage and more to do with our profound craving for the false security of servitude.