What’s the answer to male depression, domestic violence and the chore of walking to the gym during your lunch break, as well as dealing with the pesky issue of women in the workplace with their annoying ideas about diversity? A men-only co-working space in Brisbane called Nomadic Thinkers launched yesterday, with a press release expounding the idea that having a place to work and work out with no ladies around was revolutionary:

“Having finalised their funding, with the outlook to open in early 2017, Nomadic Thinkers has hybridised the co-working model with a gym space, as well as making membership exclusive to men, with the aim to launch men in business and life. The gender specific focus is bound to ruffle some feathers however the founders believe there is a genuine call in society for their offering.”

In an interview with Junkee‘s Osman Faruqi, co-founder Samuel Monaghan said the idea was an answer to domestic violence:

“‘We’d been working in coffee shops and at home and it wasn’t that conducive to working,’ Monaghan said. ‘We both had a mate who ended up in a violent situation with his wife. He pushed his wife over.’

“According to Monaghan, domestic violence is an issue that ‘stems from depression in many cases’.

“‘Depression and suicide result from a lack of social support and community. Having a space where they [men] can be men is more of a preventative measure,’ Monaghan said. ‘Healthy, happy men don’t hit their wives.’”

Faruqi went on to debunk this idea, but a closer look at the blog page of Nomadic Thinkers, now closed down but available through a cached version, reveals the co-working space is another front of the men’s rights movement, and references the work of Return of Kings, whose founder, Roosh Valizadeh, was denied an Australian visa this year to conduct workshops on how to become a “pick-up artist”. The Nomadic Thinkers blog post says:

“… taking a proactive role in leadership in your relationship setting ground rules at the beginning is vital. But how do you get to that point? If you are well versed with [Return of Kings] and other manosphere blogs the best way you can do this is by increasing your sexual marketplace value SMV, do this via increasing your traits as a provider and protector and increase your desirability making it easier to find a quality woman. Hit the gym.”

Today the founders have put out a second press release, writing “one of the great achievements of startup culture is its ability to change the way people do things. The aim of Nomadic Thinkers is to take this operating model and use it in a social setting to disrupt the way male related social issues are being addressed.”

They said they wanted to “acknowledge the public anger” from the Junkee article and said they didn’t want to trivialise the issues of domestic violence and depression. No one seems to have told them that male-only workplaces aren’t disruptive (76% of start-ups are founded by men), but as old as time.

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