A week out from the US presidential election and Essential polling has found that just 11% of Australians think that Donald Trump is “someone who will strengthen the US relationship with Australia” while 53% of Australians view Hillary Clinton as someone who will strengthen ties between the two countries. In a series of questions asking which attributes describe the two candidates, more than two-thirds of Australians polled associated the Republican with words like superficial (71%), narrow-minded (75%), arrogant (85%), intolerant (74%), aggressive (83%) and erratic (78%).


When it comes to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, just 33% found her trustworthy, in polling that took place before the latest revelations over her emails, and 24% thought her more trustworthy than most politicians. Clinton scored highly on attributes like intelligent (74%), hard-working (71%) and a capable leader (60%). Expectations aren’t too high, though — only 39% of those polled would describe her as visionary.