A comprehensive win for Nine in both the metro and regional markets and nationally, thanks to The Block and 60 Minutes. And a comprehensive win in the demos as well. Seven was a very weak second as the ratings for The X Factor continue to sag.

Ten was left behind without a program of note. Its metro main channel share fell to one of the lowest this year for a Sunday night of 9.2%, with a low of 7.4% being registered in Brisbane.

That Nine also won regional markets fairly comfortably tells us how comprehensive its win was last night and the weakness of Seven’s X Factor (1.093 million nationally) and Sunday Night (744,000). The Block topped the night in metro and nationally (and second in the regions) with 1.690 million viewers. 60 Minutes managed 1.3 million nationally.

The extent of the slide in the ratings for The X Factor can be seen from this comparison: on October 9 it averaged 1.372 million, and last night it got 1.093 million. That’s a fall of 24% or 279,000 people. As the competition moves towards its conclusion you’d expect the audience to be holding up, or building slightly as we are seeing with The Block. But no such joy for Seven, so a tough call in 2017.

The five top programs in the regions were: Seven News, 561,000; The Block, 515,000; 60 Minutes, The X Factor, 417,000; ABC News, 408,000.

Insiders easily won the morning chats with 364,000 metro and 531,000 nationally.

Tonight, Seven will be looking for a better performance with the solid The Secret Daughter up against the sliding Hyde and Seek on Nine and Are You Paying Attention on Ten (which will be without its lead of of Australian Survivor). The key though will be the ratings for The X Factor, another weak night like last night and The Secret Daughter will be hamstrung. — Click here to read Glenn Dyer’s full TV Ratings