Oct 28, 2016

How Facebook is screwing over digital publishers (including Crikey)

Facebook is no longer sharing news articles for free. Why? Because it wants publishers to pay for them.

Sophie Benjamin — Former <em>Crikey</em> engagement editor

Sophie Benjamin

Former Crikey engagement editor

Isn’t it nice that Facebook has offered free online courses on how to use Facebook to journalists? It’s so nice they want to engage with us, right?

Well, it’s not that simple.

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11 thoughts on “How Facebook is screwing over digital publishers (including Crikey)

  1. Tinatoerat

    You said “When I look through my own Facebook feed, I see posts from my friends and family. I see posts made in Facebook groups that I follow.”
    That’s what we went to Facebook for! That’s what we want.
    Maybe fb has listened to its customers (maybe I am a super-optimistic fool).

    The Facebook iPad app crashes frequently when looking at non-fb sites so they are not even serving other sites well.

    Like many people I know I try not to click on ads on fb or google – even if they are for the site I’m looking for. I prefer to access the sites directly and avoid pointing ad-revenue to the giants.

    1. OwenM

      Over the years Facebook, intended or not, has become a primary source of news for many people. It needs to act like one.

  2. Chris Sanderson

    Any thoughtful climate change related Crikey story, I will happily post to my Facebook page. In particular any articles that throw a floodlight on the grip that the FFI now have on both our main political parties, that keeps both of them from enacting appropriate legislation on climate change (Lib/nat is self evident; Labor – just think Martin Fergusson and more recently Adani).
    The same applies to any article that exposes the neo-liberal/neo-con ultra-rightwing Lib/Nats for who they really are, is what I try to share via Facebook.
    There are probably other Crikey readers, with their own ‘Urgenda’s, who might feel the same way.
    PS: I also recomend some wonderful insights from two very bright minds into how the neo-Liberal (aka: neo-con, and fascist) philosophy is being implemented in Europe, US and around the world – including Australia by John Howard since the early 2000’s.
    Here is the link to 90 minutes of who really wields unelected, global power that you are unlikely to see anywhere else. Really worth watching.
    It looks like there’s a vein of other material here that’s worth exploring too: Noam Chomsky & Yanis Faroufakis New York Public Library- 2016

  3. AR

    I read this piece through then tried again but foundered half way through – most of the words seemed to be English but I understood less than nothing.
    I feel dumber for having tried to understand the point and the comments above increase that.

    1. Dubious Virtue

      Big international company with huge audience reach no longer promotes commercial stories unless they pay up.
      Bit like a national news company won’t let people read their material unless they pay up.

      Also, one can go to the company or band’s page and clicking on the like button will bring up options including “see first”.

    2. Bob the builder

      Google will have lots of links to sites that explain the meaning of common internet words to old people. Give it a go AR!

  4. Bob the builder

    I think facebook is becoming so boring and ‘curated’ that it’ll kill itself eventually. In the meantime, however, it’s dominant.
    I’m part of a small community organisation and we have a facebook page, but it’s becoming pretty useless in getting out info. We keep getting prompted to pay up (but don’t) to increase our reach – the corollary being if you don’t, no-one will see your posts.

    1. Scott Grant

      I have never indulged in twitface. I block both sites in the local hosts file on every device I use (along with, amongst other things, google analytics). I get very annoyed with “small community organizations” that expect people to sell their souls to gigantic international marketing machines just to stay in touch.

      1. Bob the builder

        We also do email. The facebook posts are a duplicate of the email info we send out periodically, because lots of people asked why we didn’t have a facebook page. We weren’t asking anyone to sell, or even rent, their soul.

  5. Inner Space

    AR was close to the mark. In regards to Crikey, it’s not just facebook being the problem. It’s the lack of broader appeal. eg, over the past 2 months,the main banner has gone from one boring election to another. People are sick of elections and politics in general because those stories generate a sense of political disconnectedness that renders them as distractions from more essential issues. People see the Lib/Lab – Dem/Repub as a Punch and Judy show with outcomes a “foregone conclusion”. Write about the reasons for the ” foregone conclusions” and watch subscriptions go through the roof.
    Sophie, give it a go. Get out there. Unleash your very talented journalists into the darker recesses of political, commercial and religious intrigue. This is at the heart of the community mind-set.

  6. Hyperstimulated

    Facebook is a news / media publish platform, regardless of how they are trying to spin it. it is time they are regulated in the same way.

    I know it’s unlikely to get off the ground but god it would be interesting to watch with popcorn.

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