The Labor-aligned Mayor of Rockhampton Margaret Strelow has apologised directly to Malcolm Turnbull on live radio, after the local paper depicted him as a clown who needed to get serious about central Queensland’s economic plight.

“Malcolm, the front page of today’s paper does not represent our community. We are delighted to have you here and I do look forward to catching up with you later today,” Strelow said to the prime minister in studio on local station 4RO. “But I just wanted to apologise for that paper – the sentiment – the thing that says we need help is real but that image was inexcusable so please accept our apology.”

Serious … over this …


Turnbull said no apology was necessary, and he’s right. Compared to what he gets elsewhere this is positively tame! Stand strong Morning Bulletin — if politicians can’t cop this on the chin we’re all cooked. — Myriam Robin