Everyone’s favourite resident of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London is continuing to publish emails from the head of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, John Podesta, in the final few weeks of the election despite Ecuador changing the wi-fi password. A few that are less likely to end up in a Donald Trump stump speech are related to our own political networker in chief, Kevin Rudd. Rudd, in the lead-up to his bid for the top job at the United Nations, sought meetings with Podesta, but it’s not clear whether they went ahead.

Rudd, from a private Gmail email address, asked Podesta in December last year for a meeting while he was in New York City.

“I would appreciate a short chat before Christmas. Go well K”

Podesta does not appear to have replied in any of the emails leaked by WikiLeaks, but an assistant in the Hillary Clinton campaign emailed Podesta and said that Rudd was seeking a meeting, but Podesta would have a packed schedule with debate prep.

Rudd then sought another meeting earlier this year, this time getting a staffer to email requesting a meeting in March while Rudd was in DC actively pursuing the UN position. That was, of course, before Turnbull reneged on him and refused to back him for the job.