Leslie Nassar

This past weekend, the Earth received one of its best. Saturday morning, Leslie Nassar, known to Crikey readers as Department of Australia, was fatally injured near his home in Canyon County, Idaho, in a pedestrian hit-and-run. On social media, the death of this good man was quickly matched to an item from the Idaho Statesman. A 43-year-old dad, out walking with two of his three cherished girls, was killed by a driver, alleged to have been drunk. There is nothing that is endurable about this news.

Well. Not until Australia’s Daily Mail picked up the story and ran with an error so fantastically basic, Nassar himself would have gone straight to Photoshop to take buckets of glorious piss. There could be no better tribute to this absurdist than text that ran: “Australian woman Leslie Nassar killed.” It’s a perfect snafu for a man who spent so much of his leisure time assuming invented identities, so much of his professional life saving media from its own mistakes.