If we’re going to build that damn wall, figured one Mexican architectural firm, let’s at least bring some local flair to it.

Zapopan-based firm Estudio 3.14 gave its interns the task of coming up with a conceptual design to fulfil Donald Trump’s brief of closing the United States’ southern border while celebrating Mexico’s architectural heritage. The hot-pink design, inspired by the buildings of a Pritzker Prize-winning Mexican architect, will “allow the public to imagine the policy proposal in all of its gorgeous perversity”. According to the studio:

“Because the wall has to be beautiful, it has been inspired in by Luis Barragan’s pink walls that are emblematic of Mexico. It also takes advantage of the tradition in architecture of megalomaniac wall building.”



At 3145 kilometres from coast to coast, traversing hills, deserts, rivers and cities, the project could employ up to 6 million people. No word yet on whether Mexico will pay for it.