Pull the other one

John Richardson writes: Re. “Department, Dutton offered only ‘background’ interviews to Four Corners, says news director” (yesterday). So, the ABC has been publicly castigated for not allowing Immigration Minister Peter Dutton a “live” interview on its Four Corners program while, at the same time, he and his department were insisting that they were only prepared to provide “background” or “off-the-record interviews” for the same program? Do the Minister and his handlers seriously suggest that they were unaware of the Four Corners format policy on live interviews or do they really think that we are so stupid that they can verbal us with their cynical deceit and mendacity?

The truth is out there

Leon Knight writes: Re. “Your taxpayer dollars at work: M3lcolm Roberts on the conspiracy trail” (yesterday). Bernard, tell us who appointed this nut-bag to a Senate Estimates committee? If selected once, it is likely to happen again. Macdonald and O’Sullivan keep having more goes, in spite of their obvious stupidity and outrageous bias. Surely Roberts can just be left to go mouldy and rancid in a corner of the Senate somewhere.