Donald Trump has failed to seal the deal in the third and final debate of the US presidential election, held at the University of Las Vegas, and …

Man, do I really have to do this as a straight article?

So it would appear.

I have just broken off to talk to various GOPers at the debate-watch event. The result?

Eight to five, they were very disconsolate.

“He didnt nail it.” “He should have nailed it.”

They were all dismissive, the truckin’ guys in their neat T-shirts and trimmed beards.

[Third double whisky free. Not my fault. I got on the right/wrong list.]

I do not propose to repeat the findings of the debate itself, which I live blogged here.

My take: Trump lost by not winning.

There was nothing he said, nothing he didn’t land, that would have turned this around.

The GOP have all left the bar. An R&B band is setting up, sound checking. All black. The 10 fans who have drifted in are all black.

In praise of what was that Vegas movie, Showgirls? Scorned at the time. Reads now like a doco. We call them docs now.

Dear oh dear oh dear.

Gah, where are we?

OK, Trump lost, he didn’t land a decisive blow. He was losing from April. It’s all a done deal.

It’s kinda interesting that I can conduct myself in a bar when I can’t file.

Fuck you qwerty.

Seriously if you give a shit about what Guardian writers think, you can drink from their wisdom here and here. Ten years’ time, they’ll be as desperate as all of us are.

“Never be a GOP President again.” Just said that to the last knot of GOP supporters at the bar.

I cannot my remember my reaction. Vegas, baby, Vegas.

Sound check on the band, after the GOP debacle. You want moronic takes? Go to Breitbart for the good oil.

I am dissolving into the divorcees. Vegas, Florida, what state am I in?