Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Debate 3

There’s pink all the way down the road from the airport, kids dressed in flamingo-ish sweatshirts waving big Hillary signs of the same hue. Diamante ’50s lettering for the H, nice Vegas touch.

There’s dozens of them, maybe hundreds — even so, they’re spread thin. Vegas is so biiiiiig, bigly big, makes LA look like a walled village. The city hasn’t dropped a beat for the debate. Corporate planes landing, huge motorcades, Vegas swallows it all.

Was going to be a big double-header, the debate at the uni — “not at MGM Grand?” said the hotel concierge. “Everything’s at the MGM grand” — and the Rolling Stones at the arena. That’s Vegas. Tenth down the what’s on list is the Stones. Sadly, they cancelled. Mick has a throat thing. Vegas, gully trap of all cultures, all memories.

Including the ’90s it seems. As the third debate is beginning (got the live blog here) in Vegas, the Trump camp has thrown everything at the Clintons — having found a new accuser of Bill (who was going to have to shake hands with her in the family greeting, a practice now abandoned), and Barack Obama’s half-brother, who is a Trump supporter — and also a Hamas supporter.

With the polls heading yet further south for Trump, this is his last chance to reset the campaign — especially as Madonna has now offered a blowjob to anyone who votes for Hillary. Um. Alaska and Texas are now in play.

So much so that Trump has actually been preparing for this debate — with Reince Priebus playing the moderator … and Chris Christie playing Hillary …

Over to the live blog, and let’s see what happens …