In the days since Bob Day announced he would resign from the Senate in order to deal with his business that had plunged into liquidation, an ally of the senator has started a crowdfunding page attempting to assist the former Family First representative. Started by head of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance Tim Andrews, the funding page aims to raise $100,000 to pay back subcontractors owed by Day’s building companies. Somehow we think that would barely touch the sides of the bucket. The page reads:

“Yesterday afternoon learned the devastating news that Bob Day is facing potential bankrupcy [sic] due to circumstances outside of his control.

Bob Day has been more than a campaigner for sound public policy. He is someone who has sacrified [sic] himself in dedicating his life to serving the Australian people and promoting good public policy.

I have been in politics for over 15 years and I can say, without question, that Bob is the kindest, most generous, most warm hearted person I have ever met. Always willing to give a hand, always willing to help someone out. Always willing to dedicate himself to the cause.”

At the time of writing, donations had risen to $16,185. As the page is set up through GoFundMe, all donations will be debited from donors, even if the $100,000 target isn’t met.