On brunch and housing

Ignaz Amrein writes: Re. “The enemy isn’t smashed avocado, but it also isn’t the baby boomer generation” (yesterday). Let’s not forget that those young people who spend their money on smashed avo with cheese are paying the wages of those mainly young people working in cafes where it is being sold. Therefore, smashed avo with cheese is actually making sure that young people are able to get a job and earn enough money to being able to afford to buy newspapers (paying the wages of journos) who criticise their spending habits!

On war scars

Peter Schulz writes: Re. “An Australian soldier begs to be punished for a crime we forced him to commit” (yesterday). Thankyou for John Martinkus’ poignant article about the Australian commando tortured by his involvement in the unlawful execution of a prisoner of war in Afghanistan. After WW2, the American war crimes prosecutors came up with the principle that the leaders who started a war were responsible for any war crimes committed during that war. It was only because of this principle that the top Nazis were convicted. This legal principle now needs to be applied to the Bush’s, Blair’s, Howard’s and Downer’s of the world. To this end we need a ChilcotOz enquiry as soon as possible.

On asylum seeker policy

John Richardson writes: Re. “Dump gay refugees in third country, Pezzullo says” (yesterday). I tried very hard to come-up with a form of words that would do justice to my utter disgust for the shameful creature unmasked by Bernard Keane, before realising that no-one could have done a better job than the ugly loser himself. Little wonder that so many Australians regard today’s sociopathic politicians & their lackeys with such profound contempt.