Malcolm Turnbull has been struggling in the politics department this week, with the debate over the classification of the Adler shotgun taking over from discussion of the ABCC bills, which passed the House of Representatives yesterday. Industrial relations should be a win for Turnbull, but it looks like even on the topic of IR, his own party can’t keep on message. We’ve already reported that Eric Abetz will be giving the keynote lecture for the HR Nicholls Society’s conference this weekend, but now we know that the society is spruiking the speech as a “‘unique insight’ from his time as employment minister about the need for workplace reform which will likely feature criticism of the current Coalition Government’s lack of ambition on IR.”

That will be very helpful to and incredibly appreciated by the PM, we’re sure. The society is also talking up the credentials of One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts:

“Senator Roberts’ speech, which will touch on the Coalition’s ABCC/double dissolution bills and the lack of leadership on IR in the business community. Roberts is keen to establish himself as an authority in the IR space.”

With an audience like that, we’re sure his authority is not in doubt at all.