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5 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: Labor extends winning streak in ACT election

  1. Decorum

    I think this is a fundamental misreading of the result. Another view is that Canberra is a public service town and public servants – Federal or local – see Labor as their natural friend. Everyone I know who voted Labor did so in spite of the tram, not because of it. They voted Labor for its social policies, Liberal promises here losing huge credibility from the Feds, not for its desire to dig a huge tram-shaped hole and fill it with ratepayers’ money. Again and again.

    Labor+Greens have gone from 9/17 seats (53%) to (it appears) 13/25 seats (52%) so, as far as ringing endorsements of the Barr-Rattenbury Memorial Tram go, I just don’t see it.

  2. Xoanon

    It was pleasing to see voters somewhere (anywhere) rejecting a campaign of fear and voting for a positive plan aimed at extending infrastructure. Gives one hope that parties can campaign on solid issues and win. As the light rail project was at the centre of the campaign, there seems no doubt that voters were endorsing it.

  3. Michael

    Where is the surprise? Labor were $1.17 to win and the Libs were $2.00. 17% tax free return over the weekend. Easy money. Always back the horse called Self Interest. Cheers, Michael

  4. PhoenixGreen


    Just to correct your numbers in the final paragraph: Labor will get at least 12, Greens will get 2, makes 14 (56%), so the Labor + Green government’s majority has increased. On that basis it can surely be read as an endorsement of and reward for the arrangement.

    1. Decorum

      Still not an overwhelming surge of support, in my view, but I stand corrected on the numbers – thanks for the update.