It’s standard in politics for both parties to hand out plum jobs to former MPs — usually from their own side, although Labor, during its six years in power, showed a commendable willingness to be bipartisan in its favouritism toward former MPs. But it’s rare that we see something as blatant as what Malcolm Turnbull has done for former Tasmanian MP Eric Hutchinson, who lost his job, along with two other Liberal MPs, at the election. We learnt at Senate estimates this morning that Turnbull gave Senate President Stephen Parry a new position specially for Hutchinson, who was given the job of representing Parry in Tasmania. Now, Parry is from Tasmania, so that makes sense, right? Except it was an adviser position, not an electoral position, which comes with a lower salary. Hutchinson’s new position comes with a salary of up to $133,218, with an additional $28,139 overtime allowance. Despite being an “adviser” to the Senate President, Hutchinson has yet to return to Canberra in his current role.