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Oct 14, 2016

Victoria’s new senator could be a ticking time bomb for Labor

Kimberley Kitching's husband, Andrew Landeryou, has a ... complicated relationship with the Labor Party. But her appointment to the vacant Victorian Senate spot left by the departure of Stephen Conroy raises some questions about the party's leader, say Crikey writers.

The elevation of Kimberley Kitching to the No. 1 Senate position in Victoria is being scrutinised for its impact of the Victorian stability pact between Left and Right Labor factions. The pact relies on both factions giving consideration to the calibre of the person they’re putting up for the job.

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7 thoughts on “Victoria’s new senator could be a ticking time bomb for Labor

  1. john2066

    Just unbelievable that this creature has been nominated. I suppose if the prerequisites are issuing sh-t-sheets, then she’s got the market covered.
    The ALP is now the most corrupted body in Australia. Nobody should vote for them.

    1. Ian Starr

      Your description of Kimberley Kitching as ‘this creature’ does not help your argument and is offensive and probably mysogonist. A selection process has been undertaken and out of all the women candidates Kitching has been chosen. You are obviously not a Labor supporter. I am and proud of it! She will do an excellent job in a difficult senate. Good luck to her.

  2. paddy

    So who’s this new journalist called “Crikey staff writers”?

    1. MAC TEZ

      Good question Paddy.
      I thought Crikey was trying to let us know who’s writing what…we’ve seen the editorials being attributed lately but now we get “Crikey staff writers”, as vague a description as “Crikey says”.

    2. Alan

      Yes, good question. The quality of Crikey editorial and content writers, particularly giving a voice to Derryn bloody Hinch, has deteriorated. At the end of my current payment, I will not be continuing my subscription.

  3. CML

    Not one, but two articles denigrating the new senator?
    With no name attached to the article…you are just trying to stir up dirt, Crikey.
    I notice we don’t ever hear anything about that lily-white organisation called the Liberal/National Party. Even senator Seeondonars is busy trying to tip-a-bucket on senator Kitching…he of all people!
    Give me a break!!

  4. AR

    If ever there were a prime example of the shallow gene pool of ALP politics, and the dangers of an entrenched class of time servers, apparatchiks and men-without-navels (now & new improved to include the distaff side) this has to be it.