On the plebiscite

Peter Matters writes: Re. “Plan B from outer space: Turnbull’s SSM strategy now relies on hope” (yesterday). The 10% of people who for reasons totally out of their control — the genes they are born with — have been deprived of equal rights since the beginning of history, will not have to wait much longer for their day. As the Turnbull government will collapse long before the next election is due, the following Labor government will immediately enact an equal rights marriage bill  and our good Christian friends, who go to Church every Sunday, will no longer be able to pursue their grossly un-Christian games. Or earlier still, if a private members’ bill can attract only one government lower house vote.

Adrian Jackson writes: As a 64-year-old former infantry officer, atheist and straight bachelor who likes being single, I support gay marriage too. If some conservative parliamentarians are so weak that they cant make a decision or think that a God is talking to them then why are you in parliament? It’s Australians who do the talking to them, not their God. Bring it on in parliament as a free vote if the plebiscite bill fails in the Senate. If either vote fails Australians will remember the names of these God-worshippers and weak parliamentarians at the next election and vote them out. The Senate only exists to protect state’s rights notionally and as a house of review and we know the majority of people want the marriage act amended to accept gay marriage. The parliament does not have a clear mandate for either major party; it’s more like a chess stalemate.