Americans have often struggled to understand Australian slang, but a US sports reporter really got himself in a muddle when asking Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut his views on the US presidential election. Tommy Magelssen, assistant sports editor at the Dallas Morning News, tweeted that Bogut had labelled both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton “shit-ass”. The full quotes have been corrected to:

“They’re both sh–house,” Bogut said.

So what’s the problem with them?

“They’re both full of [expletive],” Bogut said. “And they don’t really give two [expletive] about the common man.”

Bogut clarified in a tweet, however, saying he had labelled the candidates “shithouse”.


Magelssen has since tweeted a correction and apology.


But before Bogut is lauded as a larrikin hero of Australia, here is what he said when asked about the term “locker room talk”, as it was used by Donald Trump:

“I can’t comment on that. If we’re being honest, I wouldn’t say to that level, but guys talk about pretty girls in the locker room,” Bogut said. “Look, what he said was terrible. But think about the worst thing you’ve said in your life. If there was a microphone there, you’ve probably said some pretty bad things.”