Last night’s Paul Murray Live featured a panel of Graham Richardson, Janine Perrett and former MP for Parramatta Ross Cameron discussing the issue of that Donald Trump tape. You know, the one where he boasted that he was so famous he could sexually assault women and get away with it.

While most of the panel was scathing (“he’s a pig”, said Murray), Ross Cameron said the whole thing had made him even more pro-Trump (“I respond to this tsunami of sanctimony that we are getting from the greatest bunch of hypocrites who ever walked and breathed, and I am exactly where I was, except even stronger.”). He had a rather novel take, complete with props: he stripped to a campaign T-shirt and cap when the discussion started. Here’s Cameron:

“Let me give you a basic biology lesson, which may not be universally welcome but is actually based in fact, that’s the inconvenient problem. The human race is made of mammals, and in order for the race to continue, as with every other species, they must find a means of reproducing, which means bringing together a male and a female. Now, I’m saying to you that this is a victory for women. The Trump conversation tells you that in the private moment, at the end of the day, when the bloke is sitting down with his mates, the thing that his mind turns to is the female of the species. The female is the celestial body around which the male orbits. She is the [wiki?] to which the male will always, in the end, return. She is the dominant figure in human history. The rise and fall of civilisations may be renamed, ‘who gets the girl’. That’s what it’s about. And I’m saying to you, and we’ve got a birth rate … five years before I was born we had a birth rate of 3.5 in this country. Today, we’re at 1.78, and that’s one of the reasons government spending is at a crisis, because there’s no babies left to pay for it. But we’re not allowed to talk about fertility. We’re not allowed to talk about the basic principles … we’re not allowed to talk about chicks. Surprise, surprise.”

Needless to say, much of the panel raised objections following the spiel.

Several media figures have uploaded partial clips of the exchange on Twitter. You can listen to the full comments on the podcast here (beginning at around the 36-minute mark). Those with Foxtel Go can watch the full video on last night’s PM Live, which gives you bonus cut-aways to Janine Perrett’s face as Cameron goes on. It really adds something to the experience.


Murray quickly said that Cameron was “being theatrical” about the whole thing. The man himself tweeted this morning: “This is not a psychotic episode, this is a moment of clarity.” Perrett, Cameron’s co-panellist, says the outburst took the panel by surprise. “My face says it all,” she told Crikey, though she did add that given the circus the US election campaign has turned into, perhaps it kept in the spirit of things.

“That’s Ross — he’s very theatrical,” she said. “Very unique.” Indeed, it’s not hard to call to mind other “theatrical” comments by the former elected representative, such as the time he went on a massive Twitter rant about Jews being “magic” and the time he said Hillary Clinton used a colostomy bag. — Myriam Robin