Women For Trump sign

Apparently, the Republican presidential nominee has Really Done It This Time. It may be true that with this latest scandal, Donald Trump has finally seized modest defeat from the decayed jaws of America. What is not true is that these remarks on “pussies” rank among his most offensive.

To be clear -- apparently we have entered a murky twilight of reason where one must state what is already clear -- trivialising sexual assault is a terrible thing. But so is mocking the speech of a person with a disability. So is the claim that young black Americans “have no spirit”. So is the claim that the US Mexican immigrant population hosts a greater proportion of drug dealers, criminals and rapists. So is the claim, by this draft deferrer, that another man’s active service record was meaningless. So is all the hand-me-down Sam Harris tosh he has offered on the intrinsic evil of Islam; a religion that will, he says, be subject to the process “extreme vetting”, which sounds to me like the name of Satan’s favourite game show.