As video surfaced over the weekend of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women the Republican Party has gone into meltdown. Prominent Republicans have withdrawn their endorsements, and there are whispers the Republican National Committee is pulling its funding. Here’s what the American media is saying:

The Washington Post:

“With less than a month to go before the election, a major political party is poised to walk away from its own presidential nominee — a situation with few precedents in American political history.”

The New York Times:

“The image of Republicans running for the exits, a month before a presidential election, is as extraordinary as a party’s nominee using vulgar, violent language that seemed to reduce an entire gender to sexual anatomy. And this time, no amount of spin seems sufficient to control the damage Mr. Trump has wrought.”

The Weekly Standard:

“The removal of Trump, or at least the separation from Trump, offers hope for Republicans and conservatives. But a party and a movement that continues to stand with Trump will fall with Trump. It will have lost the future.”

The Washington Post:

“If Trump were under the impression that an apology would get him past the worst of the crisis, he was mistaken. As the country waited for a promised video, the intensity of the condemnations gathered more strength. By the time Trump’s taped apology finally came, the content and delivery proved inadequate, and by midday Saturday, Republican leaders in red states and blue states alike were abandoning him.”


“61 insults, 39 women: Trump’s long history of misogyny.”