Voting for ABC staff’s new enterprise bargaining agreement opens tomorrow, even though the two unions that represent staff at the national broadcaster haven’t agreed to the terms in it. As reported in Crikey, ABC director of people Rebekah Donaldson told staff that the new deal would be voted on because “After 26 weeks of negotiations, it is obvious we are at an impasse with the unions. Given the three offers and the concessions already made, we feel it is the right thing to do to go directly to a vote.”ABC unions the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, and the Community and Public Sector Union weren’t parties to the EBA vote, but they haven’t opposed it. They are, however, urging members to vote on taking part in a “protected action”. A tipster tells us that the lead-up to the vote was getting heated on Friday:

“ABC staff and Management are in poster war of attrition leading up to the ABC staff vote on their new employment conditions. Management are plastering signs around ABC headquarters promising a 2% payrise but strangely there’s no mention of all the cuts being made. Meanwhile, the employees are plastering the walls of Ultimo with posters detailing the cuts. But no sooner than an employee poster goes up, ABC Management have taken it down. I’ve never seen so many ABC Managers move so fast, running around the building hunting and gathering paper. It’s like a management scavenger hunt.”

Sounds like student council elections — how advanced.