Seven won total people and the main channels in the metros and regionals, but looking at the ratings, it’s hard to see why. After all, Nine had The Block which again did well with 1.177 million national viewers and 828,000 metro and 349,000 regional viewers, while the News and ACA also did well, as did the first episode of Never Too Late. Ten had Gogglebox Australia which had 1.010  national viewers, with 690,000 metro and 320,000 regional viewers.

Seven’s News did well. Home and Away did well nationally with 1.174 million people, but was weak (again) in the metros with 667,000 viewers for the hour to 8pm and 507,000 in the regions. But it seems that a combination of Make You Laugh Out Loud (puppies this time) with 1.099 million national viewers (626,000 metro and 425,000 in the regions) and that silly, silly movie, Angels and Demons (Dan Brown!) with 540,000 nationally (364,000 metro and 178,000 regional viewers) which started at 9 pm and ran till midnight, pushed Seven to the top of total people and the main channels.

But Nine and Ten had better demos thanks to The Block, Gogglebox and The Bachelorette (786,000 nationally, with 588,000 metro and 198,000 regional viewers), which again seems to be a bit light on for viewers.

The ABC’s much promoted Silvia’s Italian Table started last night at 8pm. It’s hosted by Silvia Colloca who had a nice series on SBS where she went back to Italy, especially parts of the Abruzzi. This one is set in Sydney and involves the old standby of TV producers with no ideas: preparing and eating around a table with the host/star and guests. It’s cheap (it’s the way for example, Kitchen Cabinet works). And while her SBS series Made in Italy featured a meal or meals at a table, at least they were in an interesting, foreign context that gave you a good idea of who she was and her culture. It was delightful. However, the ABC’s version is bog standard boring – jaw jaw (food and talk) makes for bore, bore and a pretty average night of TV. That was reflected in the ratings – 660,000 nationally, with 461,000 metro and 199,000 regional viewers. Ms Colloca is such good talent, the production demanded more than what we saw last night.

The top five regional programs were: Seven News, 515,000, Home and Away, 507,000, Makes You Laugh Out Loud, 465,000. Seven News/Today Tonight, 424,000 and The Block was fifth with 349,000. — Click here to read Glenn Dyer’s full TV Ratings.