A tipster in Victoria’s flooded north east tells us that while some locals were trying to safely avoid flooded roads, some flashy cars were drawing attention to themselves for all the wrong reasons:

“In the Victorian North East there has been some rain and some flooding and some more rain and eventually the Great Alpine Road from Wangaratta was closed at Eurobin, just a few K’s short of Bright. All traffic was diverted via Ovens and Mount Beauty — a pleasant extra 100ks. The 40ks between Mount Beauty and Bright is excellent driving country, steep climbs, tight corners, tons of fun, unless of course you’re in the middle of pissing rain, slippery roads, heavy traffic — including trucks (since all Bright <-> Myrtleford  traffic was on this road, both ways) and various groups of cyclists are having a pedal bash up the hill as well (I know right — WTF were they thinking!).

“So, who were the arseclowns in the 6 Audi demonstrators having a bit of a burn up through the Bright to Mount Beauty road — cutting corners, braking heavily — generally going for a full on kidz blat up the hill. I know there were 6 because they were conveniently numbered with a special high-viz number in top-passenger side window. Not all were being plonkers but the 3 of the first 4 were. If they had UHF radios tuned to Ch 40, they sure as shit know who I am.

“Seriously, I love Audi’s, great cars. The inverse hedgehogs driving them, not so much.”

Ms Tips was unfamiliar with the term “inverse hedgehogs” and asked a friendly petrol head. It means “Love the car, hate the driver — the pricks are on the inside”.