On Brandis misleading Parliament

William Maley writes: Re. “Brandis misled Parliament and mishandled advice, and he’s got to go“. Brandis’s abiding weakness seems to be an inability to think more than one step ahead. He displayed this weakness in the raid on the law office of Bernard Collaery, seemingly oblivious of the possibility that Timor-Leste would respond by seeking relief from the International Court of Justice (at which it was represented by one of the world’s most eminent international lawyers, Sir Elihu Lauterpacht, QC). And he displayed it when – representing the Foreign Minister in an Estimates Committee hearing – he recklessly challenged the widely-accepted position that East Jerusalem is ‘occupied’ rather than ‘contested’ territory, a view he seems to have articulated without his colleagues’ knowledge or consent.

On immigration

Marilyn Shepherd writes: Re. “The great immigration con: in silence, bad things flourish” (yesterday). We have to stop the pretence that “taking” 50,000 refugees a year is worth more than a pinch of salt while we ignore the right of people to simply arrive however they can and seek protection. That is what the refugee convention covers, not migration to suit us.

When all bloviators, including this one, talk the same crap over and over it’s no wonder the stupid media and public continue to think that resettlement is the issue when it is not and never has been.

Resettlement is the last option, it’s voluntary, it’s not covered by any obligation or treaty which is why most nations don’t bother with it.