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Oct 5, 2016

Right-wing rags plump for Clinton, but what about the Wall Street Journal?

Talk about being caught between a rock and an unpredictable lying bigot.

Dan Wood — Associate editor

Dan Wood

Associate editor

First we saw historically neutral newspapers like USA Today — basically the Switzerland of US politics — break with tradition to endorse Hillary Clinton (or, rather, to loudly not endorse Donald Trump). And now even conservative-leaning newspapers are spilling buckets of ink in support of Clinton.


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2 thoughts on “Right-wing rags plump for Clinton, but what about the Wall Street Journal?

  1. klewso

    It’s almost funny watching how the partisan media (dominated by the right) carry on, after years of directing negative publicity at one side : while managing the PR for theirs – degenerating to little more than political pamphleteers. Abandoning objectivity for the chance to push their own opinions/facts and politics.
    Then, when those they tout (building unrealistic expectations) fail to deliver on those false hopes, and punters turn away (from both sides), they seem to wonder “What’s going on/Whose fault is this/Why are we at this nadir in politics?”
    Seemingly oblivious to their role in this degeneration – in both politics and journalism?

  2. AR

    Surely the Drumpf is the very epitome of a modern mad RWNJ and the Teabaggers funded & promoted by the aforesaid rightards.
    Petards & hoisting come to mind.

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