A solid night for Seven in total people and the main channels in the metros, and an even bigger night in the regions. Nine and Ten did well in the metro demos with The Block (Nine) and Survivor and Todd Sampson’s Body Hack (Ten). The X Factor and 800 Words did OK for Seven in the demos, not not as solidly as the Nine and Ten programs.

And that was the night.

Seven did well because it programmed backed to back episodes of 800 Words from 8.45pm. In the metros the average for the two hours was 765,000 viewers: more than enough to push Seven home. Nationally the average was 1.235 million people (1.349 million for the first episode and 1.221 million for the second).

The Block managed 1.305 million national viewers for what is normally a weak episode, while The X Factor averaged 1.363 million nationally for Seven. But in the metros The Block with 931,000 did better than The X Factor with 895,000. Australian Survivor hung in there for Ten, at least in the metros, with 917,000 nationally (660,000 metro and 256,000 regional). Todd Sampson’s Body Hack also did OK with 775,000 nationally, with the appeal skewed to the metros with 588,000 viewers. Regional viewers totalled 188,000, which is approaching “so what” levels.

The regional top five were: the first episode of 800 Words with 558,000 people, then Seven News with 548,000, the second episode of 800 Words was third with 493,000, then Home and Away with 482,000 and Seven News/Today Tonight with 478,000. — Click here to read Glenn Dyer’s full TV Ratings.