For once we have good news about the F-35: we do not have a new problem to report. Rather, it’s the return of an old problem. Long-term fans of the world’s most expensive cigarette lighter will recall the entire fleet was grounded in 2014 when the engines started catching fire, presumably a drawback for most types of aircraft. Popular Mechanics  reports that one of the planes has suffered another engine fire. Admittedly, this one had an unusual cause that is probably never likely to happen again — there was wind. “The working theory is that a fire was started after strong tailwinds redirected heat from the fighter’s engine during startup procedures,” PM reported, citing Aviation Week. As PM drily noted, the F-35, which is supposed to include a Marine variant that will be used on aircraft carriers, which probably needs to be able to operate in windy conditions. Perhaps the Marines can ask that wars only ever take place in calm conditions.