On energy sources

Jock Webb writes: Re. “Snoozing on renewables” (yesterday). Perhaps Adrian Jackson should join the Liberals, though to be fair they prefer coal. This displays exactly the blind over consumption and scientific ignorance that got us into this mess in the first place. If we really need to “use it all” the world will be a wasteland, so I trust Mr Jackson has no descendants.

In a similar vein, Roger Clifton is espousing a view which has no obvious basis, and which he concluded had no obvious basis in his comments on Tuesday’s forums. A touch hypocritical perhaps?

Beryce Nelson writes: It is interesting to read some of the nonsense being spruiked about Australia’s current energy sources. We should care where our energy comes from. Whilst the rest of developed and developing world moves swiftly to transfer from coal and gas to renewable sources Australia has to have yet another “conversation” about it. Most fascinating of all is the new push for the dirtiest and most dangerous of all — nuclear power — to replace coal. It is a non-starter. Apart from the very high risks associated with it, the huge cost of the infrastructure makes it un-viable, particularly when solar combined with battery technology as well as wind and ocean sources are coming online at a rapid rate around the world. Stop talking Australia and get moving.