On renewables

Adrian Jackson writes: Re. “Wonder why the Coalition dislikes renewables so much?” (yesterday). I am getting tired of the debate on what power generation sources Australia should use. As long as my heater, light or radio works when I turn it on I don’t care how the energy is produced. In the next 1000 years Australia will need to use it all be it coal, nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, wave and so on and the more diverse the better. Relying on one or two sources is risky if there is a disaster, natural or man made, too.

Roger Clifton writes: “Energy and coal”? Of course, you mean, “Coal, oil and gas”.  After all, our energy consumption is necessary, but we do want it to be coming from everywhere else than fossil carbon. Considering The Greens’ selective silence when they condemn coal alone, it does raise the question of whether they too, are accepting money from oil-and-gas, perhaps under a greenwashed label of “Energy”.

Peter Fray

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