Oct 4, 2016

Christian Lobby funding defence of anti-abortion mother of 13

The Human Rights Law Alliance is a new legal front for the Australian Christian Lobby, and it is already taking on a big case.

Sally Whyte — Political reporter

Sally Whyte

Political reporter

The Australian Christian Lobby is funding the defence of a woman who was arrested for protesting outside a Melbourne abortion clinic through a new organisation called the Human Rights Law Alliance. Mother of 13 Kathy Clubb was arrested in August under new Victorian laws that make it a crime to protest within 150 metres of an abortion clinic.

The Human Rights Law Alliance, which was founded by the Australian Christian Lobby, has taken on Clubb's case as part of its mission to "fight to ensure that Australian law guarantees all Australians the right to believe and live out their faith".

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12 thoughts on “Christian Lobby funding defence of anti-abortion mother of 13

  1. leon knight

    How the heck does a mother of 13 find time to protest on God’s behalf on the footpath, why isn’t she at home looking after her tribe of precious infants, and reading her bible to them all (if she is not to busy working on No.14)….

    1. Edna Prince

      She may have found that she can delegate most functions to the eldest children – as was traditional.

      1. ozobken

        She’ll be doing a lot of that when she’s serving her 12 months in jail – responsible parenting at its finest

  2. PhilM

    She is free to believe whatever she wants. She does not have any right to harass other people who don’t subscribe to her particular fairy tale.

  3. simon hunt

    The HRLA is specifically based on “Alliance Defending Freedom” from the USA. The ACL flew their senior legal counsel, Jeffrey Ventrella to their April conference. At the time, Shelton said “”If this is where it’s going that it’s no longer tolerated that you can hold the view that marriage is between a man and a woman then obviously we’re going to need legal representation to protect those freedoms and that’s why we’ve invited ADF to our conference.” The ADF runs most of the anti-LGBTI cases in the USA (the ‘bathroom bills’ etc); assists state & federal lawmakers with drawing up anti-LGBTI legislation; and sends lawyers to other countries (such as Belize) in which homosexuality remains criminalised in order to assist lawmakers attempting to keep things that way.

  4. Paddy Forsayeth

    What we need, in this supposed secular society, is freedom FROM religion as opposed to OF religion.

  5. billie

    Why does Kathy Clubb think her exercise of her religious belief outweighs the health and well being of the women using the clinic.

  6. AR

    There are laws that prohibit drunken/offensive behaviour in public and mentally unbalanced people deemed to be a danger to themselve and/or others.
    Why is religious nuttery in public not similarly deemed unacceptable?
    Those suffering from religious affliction or other disabling delusions should seek treatment asap – if they don’t want to do so at least keep in behind their walls.

  7. Srs21

    Her mother should have held her water.

  8. Anniejean

    There’s always a new approach to the sky fairy delusion

  9. margaret handasyde

    As usual the religious/religions are thoroughly convinced that they, and only they, know the truth about anything really. An extraordinary form of arrogance!. Having had a large degree of social influence, they are now playing the victim card as society moves on. Actually quite amusing to watch but it does tend to turn your stomach.

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