Broadcaster Alan Jones turned his vitriol in a new direction this morning, having a go at The Australian‘s media editor, Darren Davidson, for his reporting on the latest round of radio ratings. It’s something to behold as Jones intones “whoever this bloke Darren Davidson is, I have no idea, he writes about Smooth FM claiming its third consecutive survey win”. He goes on to say “now I’ve got news for you Darren Davidson, whoever the hell you are, media editor, and hopefully Paul Whittaker will move you off,” defending his own station, 2GB, from the scurrilous claim that Smooth FM, owned by Nova, had won the Sydney radio ratings survey. Jones went on to describe Davidson as someone who is “cavalier with the truth, who doesn’t seem to understand that they are radio ratings, commercial radio ratings, they’re not FM ratings, they’re not AM ratings”.

Of course, Jones had to let his listeners know that 2GB had won the survey period, which we’re sure was their main concern as they were stuck in Sydney traffic. The full audio is here.