Speaking of local council elections, almost everyone in Victoria seems to be taken by surprise that they will soon be expected to vote for the important people who are responsible for building approvals and fixing potholes, with elections coming up across the state in October. When it comes to Melbourne City Council, lord mayor Robert Doyle looks set to romp it in for a third term as top dog in the world’s most liveable city, but a tipster has pointed our attention towards those running on “Team Doyle”. Former adviser to Julia Gillard and secretary of the Victorian Labor Party Nicholas Reece is second on Doyle’s ticket, making an alliance that has surprised some. When Doyle first announced the team that would join him on his renewed push for Melbourne Town Hall, Reece told reporters that he had joined with former leader of the Victorian Liberal Party because Doyle was a “likeable Liberal”. “He’s just a nice guy and with council in particular you have got to be able to cut through the party politics, reach out to people and get things done,” Reece said.