A video start-up chaired by former News Corp CEO Kim Williams has opened a $3 million funding round, as it seeks to expand its operations. VidCorp, a Melbourne-based start-up that offers internal communication platforms for companies, says it has undisclosed seed funding from Williams and from former tennis champion Lleyton Hewitt. Start-up insiders say the company won’t struggle to raise the $3 million it is asking for with big-name backers such as Williams and Hewitt, with the Hewitt name attached to quite a few tech investments. In what could be seen as a swipe at the head honchos he’s worked with in the media previously, VidCorp founder Ryan Berman told StartupSmart that Williams says his reliance on data sets him apart from other CEOs and chairs in the media:

“He is very much drawn to analytics. His biggest grudge with CEOs nowadays is that they make decisions with gut feelings and not data. Actually having the data surrounding this is critical and gives CEOs the ability to make informed decisions.”