Mitchell Nadin, the Australian cadet who was in the room when Alan Jones said that Julia Gillard’s father had died of shame but didn’t tell his editors until The Daily Telegraph had broken the story, is now a local councillor in regional New South Wales.

Nadin was a cadet for The Australian in 2012 when controversial broadcaster Alan Jones told a fundraising dinner for the Sydney Young Liberals that Gillard’s father had died of shame because of his daughter’s politics. At the time Media Watch reported that it was Nadin who told reporters at Fairfax that the event was “off the record” and that MC Simon Berger had asked journalists to declare themselves. A tipster has alerted us to Nadin’s new career in local government, where he is now representing the locals of Bega. Nadin’s campaign material says he grew up in the area and has recently returned and started a small business.