The nudists and exhibitionists of Victoria have been put on notice, with the government legislating jail terms for those convicted of mooning or streaking. While mooning does not hold the same important place in the traditions of Victoria as it does in the Northern Territory, it still seems to be an affront that the practice is explicitly mentioned in the Crimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Act passed last week:

streaking or mooning

Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula has been quick to point out that the government isn’t actually changing anything, just specifying a difference between two different crimes. “It’s always been an offence,” he tweeted. “All we’ve done is separate ‘indecent exposure’ (e.g. mooning) from ‘sexual exposure’ (e.g. flashing).”

martin pakula

For first-time mooners, the maximum penalty is a two-month jail term, while repeat offenders could end up in a prison jumpsuit (hard to moon in one of those) for up to six months.