We hear there has been a delay in MPs and staffers being reimbursed for their travel by the Department of Finance:

“Federal politicians and their staff are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Ministerial & Parliamentary Services Branch over unpaid travel claims. Once known for reliability in processing claims, the branch’s tardiness and ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude is now the talk of parliamentary corridors. Some staff have claims outstanding from months ago. They’re supposed to be processed within a week. The ‘staff helpdesk’ is anything but — with calls going unanswered or ringing out. Submitted claims are also being regularly ‘lost’ by the agency. Senior Government members are talking about putting a broom through the organisation. The lesson being — never get in the way of a politician and a travel claim.”

Time for a revolt?

Update: Another version of this story stated that MPs were waiting to be paid by the Department of Parliamentary Services, it is actually the Department of Finance.