Betting company Luxbet appeared to have its social media taken over by a disgruntled ex-employee this morning, with the company’s Twitter account sending this to its followers:

luxbet tweet

But did Dave really get fired? There have been a number of tweets since the original one, including one about changing the logo to “DaveBet” and another about using the corporate credit card for lunch (who gives their social media managers credit cards anyway?). So is it too good to be true? An elaborate ruse to make us want to place a bet with the funny lads at Luxbet? Well, probably, yes. AAP reporter Luke Costin found the LinkedIn profile for the social media manager at Tabcorp, the parent company of Luxbet, and his name is Adrian Moore, not Dave. His profile reads:

“As a Social Media Manager of Tabcorp’s social media department, my role is to help drive the development of dynamic social strategy, implement paid social campaigns and creative content solutions within a growing team of social media experts across three brands under the Tabcorp umbrella; TAB, Luxbet and Sky Racing.”

luke costin tweet

Luxbet has confirmed to Mumbrella that it’s a hoax designed to promote its new app.