Reports today show that Penguin publishers were warned about “gaps” in Belle Gibson’s story about surviving cancer by eating a healthy diet before publishing her book The Whole Pantry in 2014, even hiring a public relations company to draft a crisis plan in case Gibson was ever accused of lying. The books were pulled from shelves, but a tipster tells us they are still available for those who are truly dedicated to eating clean. The Abebooks website, which sells new, used and rare and collectible books online, has three copies of The Whole Pantry — if you’re willing to fork out US$500 for the privilege. The description says the copies are pre-release first editions, and not the final copy. The website does not mention that the claims made in the book about Gibson’s diagnosis of brain cancer and ability to heal herself through diet and lifestyle changes have been disproved. It’s a high price to pay for a recipe book, especially when those recipes won’t save you from cancer.