While NBN Co is facing criticism over continued cost blowouts for its one job — connecting Australians to high-speed fibre internet — it’s still got time to work up a bit of a sweat. NBN Co announced yesterday that it was partnering with ex-Bachelor reality TV star Tim Robards to help people get fit with their Virtual Trainer program. The announcement includes some fascinating stats about Australians’ workout habits (Millennials are most inclined to turn to tech — 69% — to help them get the best results from their exercise. They are also the most likely to be intimidated working out in the gym — 67% — and are the most motivated by getting “beach-body ready” for summer –63%).

Bachie exercise

Robards, who was originally a chiropractor and now runs an online fitness business called “the Robards Method”, is featured in a number of videos promoting the program, encouraging people to work out in their lounge rooms — all you need is a high-speed internet connection! We pity those poor saps without the NBN who are likely to get stuck in an awkward pose awaiting Robards’ next instruction.

We asked NBN Co how much money was spent on this kind of PR exercise, and were given this statement:

“As a government business enterprise, NBN has a publically available advertising and marketing budget within which it operates in order to generate revenue and ensure a return on investment to taxpayers. Within that budget, NBN has run a number of consumer campaigns in order to drive activations and ensure people are aware of the benefits of the NBN network.”