Just what advice is PR extraordinaire Max Markson giving to Eddie Hayson? Hayson, the “controversial gambler”, is trying to resurrect his image after a series of scandals, including his links to the rugby league match-fixing allegations currently being investigated. He held a press conference last week in which he said that NRL players and jockeys enjoyed services free of charge in his brothel but he was just an ordinary punter who had no involvement in match fixing. The presser didn’t have the desired effect, with Kate McClymont writing that Hayson should “shut up” to avoid more bad press. Hayson didn’t take her advice, sending an abusive, homophobic rant via text message to Sydney Morning Herald journo Andrew Webster. Webster shared the text today in a powerful story, saying: “Most turn their back on nasty homophobia and pretend it didn’t happen. Don’t give the grub who said it any more oxygen. I’d prefer to call it out.”

The text said “your (sic) just a weak homosexual aren’t you,” before going on to more homophobic insults.


It’s not the first time Hayson’s abuse towards journos has been made public. McClymont also posted to Twitter screenshots of his texts last month, where he said “I still believe your (sic) a notorious wanna be gangster mole”.


If Max Markson was really committed to his client, it sounds like he should take Hayson’s phone off him.