On superannuation reform

Andrew Jagels writes: Re. “Turnbull blinks on super but gets a good outcome” (September 15). Bernard Keane gives Turnbull and Morrison credit for negotiating some sort of reform to superannuation tax concessions. But the real credit belongs to the ALP and specifically, Chris Bowen. Does anyone seriously think that the Coalition (given their attitude to Gillard-era proposals on this subject) would have looked twice at reforming these rorts if not for Bowen’s terrier-like tenacity. Not likely!

On Coal

Roger Clifton writes: Re. “Coal is amazing — amazingly insignificant to our economy” (Friday). Amazing indeed. Now let’s have Crikey bring us a similar condemnation of gas. That is methane, natural gas, coal seam gas, shale gas, LNG, but more simply known among the merchants of carbon as “gas”. It’s the same stuff, methane, made worse than coal by its leakages. The COP21 agreement requires us to eliminate our usage of gas by 2100, not just “reduce” it. The greenhouse cannot tolerate any rate of fossil carbon emissions at all, so we must convert entirely to non-carbon energy. But except for coal, we are dragging our feet.