While parliament is not boring at all at the moment, senior members of the Labor party are trying their best to leave us mystified, by promising a musical performance in Leader of Opposition Business Tony Burke’s office tonight. Burke, along with shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh and shadow assistant minister for family violence Terri Butler are doing their best to support Labor candidate in the ACT election (and staffer to Andrew Leigh) Taimus Werner-Gibbings through the power of song. They’ll be singing INXS’ Don’t Change, obviously a message to stick with the Labor party at next month’s ACT election. Maybe the Liberals could do a performance battle to plug their “New Sensation”?
Labor INXS

Update: Since publishing this, we hear that the performance has been cancelled — because of too much interest. The number of people who said they would attend wouldn’t fit in Burke’s office. We hope this is not the last we hear of the plan.